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Since 1972, we have provided quality services to clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about our services and pricing.

  • Powder coating including a full range of finishes 

  • Bead blasting 

  • Wet spray painting 

  • Pre-treatments; 3 stage phosphating tank 

  • Stove enamellers 

  • Masking, high temp. tape, bungs and sleeves 

  • Packaging, collection and delivery

  • Excellent lead times 


Powder Coating

We meet all your powder coating needs...

Our Powder Coating area is staffed by experienced and skilled employees. We work with many different types of powder in a variety of colours and finishes. All conform to Qualicoat Standads. Each item is individually assessed to ensure that the surface preparation we carry out will enable us to obtain the best possible finish, taking into account whether the component will be exposed to the elements or not.

We offer a full range of finishes:

  • gloss

  • semi gloss

  • texture

  • matte 

  • and many others 

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From experts in the industry

Special preparations can include undercoating to enable a finish that will be robust enough to withstand conditions found in coastal areas – our ‘marine’ finish. Please ask for more details.To complement our powder coating service, we can also offer preparations including anodizing and many others, please contact us for more details.


Wet Paint Spraying Services

Our highly skilled workforce has many years of experience spray painting, with particular skills and experience in finishing plastics. Accurate masking and the correct environment play an extremely important role in obtaining a high quality finish. An initial assessment is made of all components to establish if any primer or other surface preparation is required. Once the surface has been suitably assessed and prepared we can apply the top coat of high quality paint and you can be assured that your product will have the best possible coating and will be easily able to withstand normal wear and tear.


If your product is going to be sited in a more vunerable area, ie, coastal, we can recommend a range of measures to enable you to be confident that the coating applied will be able to withstand the elements.

When wet painting metal components you can choose to have them finished either with air drying wet paint or stove enamelled, ie baked on in an oven. Please contact us if you would like more information on either process and for prices.


Bead Blasting and Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

Preparation of the surface to be painted or powdered is one of the most important stages of the finishing process. We have many tools available to us to ensure that your item is prepared to the highest standard and the best possible finish is obtained. Our state of the art 4 stage phosphating machine de-greases and prepares metals to ensure that the surface is free from any contamination and enhances paint adhesion, ready for the next stage in the preparation process.

We recognise that on occasions an item may need masking, either to keep an area paint free, or to protect screw threads etc. We use a combination of tools including masking, sleeves and bungs to ensure that any parts where overspray is not permitted are protected fully. Our Powder Coating and Stove Enamelling system mean that we can quote very competitively in this area.


Bead Blasting

We will not pass your item to our powdering or spraying teams until we are satisfied that the best possible surface for painting has been attained. One of these options is is to bead blast the item, which cleans it throughly and promotes paint adhesion.

Our service can accomodate items up to 3ft square, however we are able to provide a service for blasting larger items, please contact us for prices.